Sunscreen protects against skin cancer and photoaging. Regular use is not associated with Vitamin D deficiency.

Research Review Publication by Prof Adele Green and Dr Louise Reiche 2015

The results of a the large Nambour Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) that compared daily sunscreen use with discretionary use demonstrated that regular sunscreen use:
  • Provides ongoing protection against the development of SCC.
  • Appears to have no clear benefit in reducing BCC tumour, although use of a higher protection sunscreen and a younger study population to see the maximum potential effect of long-term sun protection may have revealed a clear benefit. – May prevent melanoma.
  • Can delay photoaging of the skin. The results of the Nambour RCT, and three other RCTs, demonstrated that use of sunscreen provides protection against the development of AK.
  • RCT evidence, although limited, supports beneficial effects of sunscreen use on the occurrence of skin cancers and skin photoaging and, as such, is 
    an effective adjuvant to wearing protective clothing and sun avoidance.
  • Non-adherence and sub-optimal application remain a barrier to the effectiveness of sunscreen in protecting against skin cancer.
  • Current evidence indicates that use of sunscreen is not associated with vitamin D deficiency.