Anti Wrinkle Injections

What is Medical Aesthetics?

Medical Aesthetics is a term used to describe cosmetic treatments that utilise a scheduled medication to meet an aesthetic need. These treatments require a consultation with one of our experienced doctors or nurses to assess your concerns, explore your medical history and determine suitability and safety before proceeding with a potential treatment.

Medical Aesthetics may include treatments relating to:

  • Minimising the appearance of wrinkles
  • Volume restoration, facial harmonisation and enhancement of facial features
  • Skin quality and laxity
  • Facial slimming
  • Excessive sweating
  • Bruxism or teeth grinding

As these treatments are considered medical treatments a consultation with one of our experienced registered nurses is required to assess individual suitability and safety.

What will the consultation involve?

The consultation will allow you to discuss your concerns with one of our experienced registered nurses, we will then complete a full-face assessment including clinical photography to develop an individualised and bespoke treatment plan.

A detailed medical history will be undertaken to ensure suitability and safety prior to any treatment.

You will have the opportunity to discuss treatment options in depth including risks, side effects and aftercare.

A personalised quote will be provided for your treatment plan.

Will I be able to have treatment on the day?

You may be able to have treatment on the day if time allows and there are no contraindications to you having the treatment.

How much will the consultation cost?

The fee for the consultation is $100  (this will be deducted from your treatment fee should you proceed with treatment).