At 4D Skin Clinic we cover all aspects of skin cancer surgery to those in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast and Hunter Valley Regions. Our skilled team of specialised doctors use the latest surgical techniques and technology available to achieve effective treatment and fast recovery and are accredited by the Skin Cancer College of Australasia.


Skin cancers can be excised in our on-site surgical facility or at a hospital. Doctors at 4D Skin Clinic are qualified and experienced to carry out excisions on the head, neck and body, including the use of skin flaps and skin grafts.

Margin Control Surgery

The primary purpose of an excision is the complete removal of the skin cancer. In complex or difficult cases Margin Control Surgery technique is used to minimise the risk of incomplete excision while conserving as much skin as possible.

Scar Revision Surgery

We offer scar revision and reconstructive surgery where appropriate.

Local Anaesthetic

Most skin cancer surgery can be performed under local anaesthesia.

IV Sedation

Light sedation is available when patients have their procedure at a day surgery facility.


Sutures (stitches) are used to close wounds. Dissolving sutures are used under the skin to minimise the scar. Dissolving sutures last a variable amount of time until they dissolve, which can take several weeks. Non-dissolving sutures are used on the surface of the skin and need to be taken out after 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the location of the wound.


Following a surgical procedure wounds are dressed appropriately and clear instructions are provided for optimal recovery. Our team will provide you with the appropriate follow up.

Additional Tests

If you have a large Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Melanoma or Merkel Cell Carcinoma, our doctors will make arrangements for further testing to determine the extent of the cancer. Additional tests might include imaging tests or a procedure to remove a nearby lymph node (sentinel lymph node biopsy).