Excessive Sweating Treatment

Hyperhidrosis is a term used for excessive sweating. Some of us sweat more than others and excessive sweating can make us self-conscious.

If you are concerned with how much you are sweating, hyperhidrosis treatment is a very simple, long lasting and minimally invasive treatment option that we can provide at 4D Skin Clinic.

Hyperhidrosis treatment for excessive sweating involves injections that introduce muscle relaxants into the sweat glands, this blocks the chemical signals that trigger perspiration.

Don’t suffer with excessive sweating any longer, the Doctors at 4D Skin Clinic are experts in helping patients in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, the Central Coast and the Hunter Region suffering from hyperhidrosis.

What does the treatment involve?

We may perform an iodine starch test to identify the exact areas affected by excessive sweating. This test is quick, simple and painless and requires gentle swipe of the target zones.

The doctor will administer the muscle relaxant injections into the identified treatment area. This process is quick and pain is minimal. No anaesthetic is required.

How long will the procedure take?

This procedure generally takes about 30 minutes.

What to expect after treatment?

You may feel tenderness or see bruising develop at the point of injection. Injections in the hands could lead to a slight weakness in local muscles.

What areas can be treated?

Underarms, hands and feet can be treated.

How many treatments will give me an optimal result?

This treatment is done in one visit.

Is there any maintenance required?

Generally this treatment lasts 6 – 12 months with an 80 – 90% reduction in sweating. The results will vary from individual to individual.

How much does Hyperhidrosis treatment cost?

The overall cost of this treatment varies depending on the dosages needed. You can expect this treatment to cost around $1000. your treating doctor will give you a quote prior to treatment based on the dosage you need.