Laser Skin Revitalisation Newcastle

All Laser Treatments in our medical facility are carried out under medical supervision.

laser skin revitalisation

Picosecond laser revitalisation targets both superficial and deep layers of the skin, stimulating the renewal of the skin’s support structure. This leading edge technology allows us to target all three layers of sun damaged tissue, epidermal pigment, mid dermal wrinkles and deep dermal laxity.

Picosecond technology targets sun and age related changes by creating laser induced optical breakdown (LIOB) that stimulates the body’s natural healing processes which produce new elastin and collagen, providing long lasting improvements in appearance and texture of skin with less discomfort, less downtime and less risk.

Laser skin revitalisation treatment offers fast and effective treatment that you will appreciate. You will typically experience only one hour of redness. There is no scaling or sloughing afterwards, allowing you to quickly return to regular activities.

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