Cosmetic Laser Treatments Newcastle

All Laser Treatments in our medical facility are carried out under medical supervision.

Fine lines, pigmented lesions and scars can be treated with virtually no downtime. Want the appearance that matches the way you feel inside? People are fast turning away from surgical lifts towards laser based aesthetic technology. Leading edge technology allows us to target all three layers of sun damaged tissue, epidermal pigment, mid dermal wrinkles and deep dermal laxity. Picosecond technology stimulates production of elastin and collagen, providing long lasting improvements in appearance and texture of skin with less discomfort, less downtime and less risk.


Cosmetic laser treatment focuses a specific light frequency onto the skin tissues to improve aesthetic appearance. Our team of skin doctors have extensive experience using laser treatment for cosmetic purposes for patients throughout Newcastle. We can happily discuss treatment options with you.

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Skin Revitalisation before and after Skin Revitalisation before and after Skin Revitalisation before and after

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